LIFE is the module for the Fatigue Analysis of structural components.

Topic addressed:

  • Uniaxial and Multiaxial Fatigue

  • Strain based Fatigue Analysis

    • Neuber and ESED Glinka methods for elastic-plastic stresses calculation

    • Morrow's, Smith-Watson-Topper, Brown-Miller, Fatemi-Socie, ... Fatigue parameters

    • Multiaxial Proportional and Non-Proportional loadings addressed

  • Stress based Fatigue Analysis

    • MMPDS S-N database

    • Standard S-N curves

    • Mean stress corrections with Goodman, Gerber, Soderberg, Haigh, ...

    • Dang-Van, McDiarmid, Carpinteri-Spagnoli methods

    • PSD fatigue with Dirlik method

  • Weldings analysis (seam welds and spot welds)

  • Virtual strain gauging

  • Multiaxial Assessments


GROWTH is the module for Crack Growth analysis in 2D (or quasi-2D) structures.

Topics addressed:

  • FEM remeshing for propagation of multiple cracks

  • Crack stop drill holes

  • Stress Intensity Factors calculated with J-integral, Displacement correlation

  • Crack kinking captured

  • Crack Growth calculated with NASGRO Equation

  • NASGRO database provided

  • Generalized Willemborg Crack Retardation model integrated


QUICK2DFEM is a module, not optional, integrated by default in LIFING, solving 2D plane stress or plane strain models created by defining edge geometries and conditions with a simple format.

Created models can be used for both Fatigue and Crack Growth assessments.